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Posted on 5 March 2021

Joseph Demaine and Our New Interview Workshop

As part of The Calico Group’s recent pledge to create 100 new opportunities for younger people in the North West, we have created an Interview Workshop designed to give apprentices and job applicants the best possible chance at being successful in their application.

This service is free and is available to anyone who applies to a position within The Calico Group and can be accessed at the point of application.

One such applicant is Joseph Demaine, who is now thriving in his role within The Calico Group. We tracked him down for a socially distanced catch up…

Q: What is your job and what does it involve? I am an apprentice administrator as part of the Skills and Employability team – this involves such things as logging apprentice’s time sheets and producing the payroll.

Q: What help did you receive to get this job? I had a lot of help from family members as I am relatively inexperienced with applications and interviews but taking part in the Workshop prior to my interview was very helpful to me and gave me a better idea of what to expect.

Q: Describe the process of the Workshop? The guys at Calico Enterprise run through how to best prepare for the interview and what is expected of you when working for the company, such as going through the values that the company is built on – it was also an opportunity to show our capabilities with a task that was set for us at the end, which gave me a level of confidence to show that I could perform well in the role I was applying for.

 Q: What is life like at Calico? I am really enjoying my time at Calico, I haven’t been here long but everyone is very helpful and friendly.

Q: What’s the dream for your career? Where do you want to get to with your working life? I am still young (19) and not looking too far into the future about where I want to be, but I feel as though if I am working to the best of my potential and making a positive impact in whatever role I am in, then I will be happy.

 Q: Anything else to add? I hope to keep working well with colleagues and doing my best to help other people.

Calico Enterprise have multiple opportunities and support services to help people get in work and stay in work, and build their dream career.

Take a look and get in touch to discuss what we could do for you.

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